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Wise Women Plumbers Cooperative Strategy

"Our Journey at Wise Women Plumbers Cooperative (WWPC)" Founded in 2014, the Wise Women Plumbers Cooperative (WWPC) originated from the efforts of a dedicated group of women. These women, having received plumbing training in partnership with GIZ, joined forces to initiate WWPC. Our core mission is to empower numerous women within local communities, expanding their horizons and equipping them with vital plumbing skills. Our goal is twofold: to increase water efficiency and minimize water wastage, while simultaneously opening doors to more sustainable livelihoods. Over the years, WWPC has achieved remarkable milestones. We have trained over 2000 individuals, of whom 85% are women and refugees. Our diverse initiatives have reached beyond training; we've empowered the disabled, imparted knowledge to young students through school programs, and generated opportunities for sustainable income to support families. Central to our mission is community impact and awareness. We've been putting in a lot of effort to transform the plumbing industry to be more inclusive for women, thereby challenging and redefining established societal norms. Our achievements are not just in numbers, but in the profound societal change we've fostered. Looking ahead, our vision extends beyond plumbing. We are dedicated to creating green job opportunities and championing environmental conservation. This is achieved through our skilled craftsmanship, active community engagement, and by always aiming to excellence. WWPC is more than a cooperative; it's a movement for sustainable change and empowerment.


Our Mission

In response to a distinctive social reality in Jordan, the Wise Women Plumbers Cooperative (WWPC) has emerged as a transformative force, addressing pressing issues tied to water scarcity, gender inequalities, and unemployment rates. The genesis of WWPC was shaped by a cultural norm that restricted male plumbers from entering homes if a woman was alone, presenting challenges during plumbing emergencies. WWPC was founded not only to provide practical plumbing solutions but also to challenge traditional gender roles and empower women to take charge of plumbing issues in their homes and communities.


Our Vision

the Wise Women Plumbers Cooperative works to provide in-house maintenance services, raise water awareness in the local communities

Core Values
1. Cooperation and Partnership: We believe in the power of collaboration, working closely with
government bodies, civil society, and international partners to achieve our goals.
2. Integrity, Transparency, and Accountability: Upholding the highest standards of integrity in all
our activities, ensuring transparency in our operations, and being accountable to our members and
the community.
3. Social Responsibility: Committed to making a positive impact on society, particularly in water
conservation and environmental stewardship.
4. Teamwork and Solidarity: Fostering a culture of teamwork and mutual support, where every
member’s contribution is valued and respected.
5. Equality and Inclusion: Championing gender equality and inclusivity, ensuring opportunities for
all, regardless of gender, ability, or background.
6. Innovation and Adaptability: Embracing innovative approaches and adapting to changing
environments to continuously improve our services and impact.
7. Professional Excellence: Striving for excellence in all our endeavors, continually enhancing our
skills and knowledge to provide the highest quality services