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القيادات النسائية بلا حدود

For a more sustainable futuer , the Wise Women Plumbing Cooperative, Funded by the World University Service of Canada “WUSC” ,  created the “Women Leaders without Limitations” program. This initiative is more than just a training course; it’s a source of empowerment, as it’s adaptable for visually impaired individuals, and with a 100 trainees 85% of whom are women.

The journey is Beyond teaching plumbing basics, the program opens doors to a life of sustainability and self-reliance. Participants learn about plumbing, water saving, , gaining skills that go beyond the classroom. These practical lessons pave the way for personal independence and creating sustainability whitin water scarcity reality.

“Women Leaders without Limitations” deeply changes lives. It equips its learners, including those who are blind, with the necessary tools to handle their day-to-day tasks and actively partake in creating a greener future. More than education, it builds confidence, giving trainees a level of freedom they’ve never experienced before.

And with the huge support that the program has seen since it launch in March 4th , from different parties This program is a story of empowerment, showcasing the journey of women who, equipped with tools and knowledge, not only become adept plumbers but also influential figures in their communities, heading towards a more sustainable future