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حماية كل قطرة: طريقنا نحو الاستدامة

Since our founding in 2014 one of the Wies Women Plumbing Cooperative’s main goals has been reducing water consumption and raising awareness about water sustainability, we believe that the key to this future is through education, offering in-depth plumbing training that helps individuals learn how to save water and understand the impact of their actions.

Expanding our vision, the cooperative developed a special program for schools, educating over 5,000 students about the importance of water conservation and sustainable living. This program goes beyond plumbing basics, instilling a sense of responsibility and awareness in the younger generation.

 Our belief that education and training are vital for achieving a sustainable future.  And with our commitment to water conservation has not only helped reduce water usage but also cultivated a community dedicated to sustaining  in water scarcity reality