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Founded in 2014, the Wise Women Plumbers Cooperative (WWPC) originated from the efforts of a dedicated group of women. These women, having received plumbing training in partnership with GIZ, joined forces to initiate WWPC. Our core mission is to empower women within local communities, expanding their horizons and equipping them with vital plumbing skills. Our goal is twofold: to increase water efficiency and minimize water wastage, while simultaneously opening doors to more sustainable livelihoods.

Over the years, WWPC has achieved remarkable milestones. We have trained over 3750 individuals, of whom 85%are women, notably 15% of these women are Syrian refugees and 5% have disabilities. Our diverse initiatives have reached beyond training; we’ve fostered empowerment and independence among individuals with disabilities?, imparted knowledge to young students through school programs, and generated opportunities for sustainable income to support families. Central to our mission is community impact and awareness. We’ve been putting in a lot of effort to transform the plumbing industry to be more inclusive for women, thereby challenging and redefining established societal norms.

Our achievements are not just in numbers, but in the profound societal change we’ve fostered. Looking ahead, our vision extends beyond plumbing. We are dedicated to creating green job opportunities and championing environmental conservation. This is achieved through our skilled craftsmanship, active community engagement, and by always aiming for excellence. WWPC is more than a cooperative; it’s a movement for sustainable change and empowerment.