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كسر الحواجز

Meet Samah Al-Ghuraghir, an icon of determination and brilliance in the “Women Leaders without Limitation” (WLWL) program, funded by the World University Services of Canada (WUSC). This initiative that is adapted to the visually impaired by teaching them basic plumbing skills. At 24, Samah, holds a  bachelor’s degree  in guidance counseling, representing the resilience and ambition that WLWL aims to foster in its participants, Samah’s journey with WLWL began in February, driven by powerful goal: to gain the skills necessary to live independently, without the need for reliance on others.

 During the program’s launch, Samah left a lasting impression with her demonstration, highlighting her abilities and the potential of visually impaired individuals. Her dedication shone through as she prepared all training materials in Braille, using a manual punch machine to ensure accessibility. This experience with WLWL marked a significant turning point for Samah, boosting her self-confidence and enabling her to tackle daily challenges independently

Samah’s story is an example of the empowering impact of WLWL, demonstrating how education and support can transform the lives of visually impaired women, fostering a sense of independence and purpose. Her journey reflects the program’s success in nurturing individuals who are determined to live independently and achieve their goals.